NYC Easter Bonnet Parade by All of The Things

All of the Things wowed the crowds at the NYC Easter Parade with custom dessert wigs and handmade costumes!


Pictured are cupcake, cake, ice-cream, pie and cotton candy headpieces and colorful bodices with layered cream-colored skirts! All designed specially for this event.


Katy Perry's Custom Umbrellas by All of The Things

Last week, we got a rush order for two dozen custom-made umbrellas, to be delivered "as soon as humanly possible". The client didn't specify for what or for whom!  After much speculation and conceiving of every possible scenario, we found out – via Instagram – that they were for Katy Perry's performances at this year's Met Gala and YouTube's #Brandcast! As you can imagine, here at All of the Things we're stoked and very proud we were able to make it happen in such a short amount of time.

We made a variety of geometric umbrellas (squares, rectangles and triangles, as well as some "gear" umbrellas that were super fun!  

Check out some of the images and video people have shared in social media from both events: